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The press about us 18 February 2015
Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management begins work on the media rating of Ukrainian political scientists and other political experts

This rating indicates the number of citations and references of listed political scientists, their statements and videos containing their performances, recordings on radio stations sites with their performances available in the network.

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8th Europe-Ukraine Forum (2015) Lodz 15-17 February 2015

15 – 17 February 2015 in the Łódź (Poland) was held a VIII International Forum Europe - UKRAINE. Ukraine – a new beginning. O.Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation spoke at the session "Ukraine - a modern state, a modern government."

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From-UA 06 March 2012
Yanukovych wants to make dork state with the help of Tax

Unscheduled inspections executed by the State Tax Inspectorate completely paralyzed the activity of "Institute of Society Transformation," foundation, a political analyst and director of the organization Oleg Soskin said to From-UA correspondent. "The people who came with an inspection did not camouflage that the order was. They were told that would get fired if would not find anything. Of course, they have found nothing. Then they started to blackmail and "abuse" our partners for the joint activity. Those actions cannot be called otherwise, than a political prosecution by using a repressive machinery of the tax bodies. This is a Stalinist, Soviet, Communist and KGB style practice", the economist said [March 5, 2012].

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Newspaper Silski visti 23 December 2010
Premonition of peaceful revolution

Director of Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of National academy of management Oleh Soskin is telling us about the world economic crisis, complicated social-economic situation in our country and the way out of crisis. The faster Ukraine wakes up and becomes free from being in bondage to regime Yanukovych-Azarov, that faster we will overcome the crisis. Here is the answer to the question “When will Ukrainians start living as people not as beggars” [Newspaper “Silski visti”,  143, December 9, 2010].

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IST 26 November 2010
Branding of small cities: the experience of the Visegrad Group countries for Ukraine - seminar-training in Novovolynsk

On November 26, 2010 in border city Novovolynsk (Volyn region) was held international seminar-training on the theme: “Branding and promotion of small towns according to the standards of the European Union: experience of the Visegrad Group countries for Ukraine”. The event was held in the framework of the international project, which carried out by Institute of Society Transformation (IST) together with the International Visegrad Fund.

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ForUm 24 September 2010
Oleh Soskin: Next year we will have a lot of apathy, depression and boredom

Director of Institute of Society Transformation Oleh Soskin does not see anything new in the new political season in Ukraine, but predicts some major trands: "whatever happens now is just the beginning of the process -- trial of strength, many famous people leaving the stage, the arrival of new ones, as yet unknown and incomprehensible. While this is just confusion, a worsening economic situation, and demoralization, it will test the weak. What's next? Next will be a lot of apathy, depression and boredom". He spoke about this and other things in an exclusive interview with correspondents from ForUm.

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UNCP 07 March 2004
Meeting in commemoration of Ukrainian nationalists in Babiy Yar
February 21, 2004 Oleh Soskin, the UNCP Chairman, and members of Kyiv city organization of the party, together with Kyiv city organization of the UUN (Melnikivtsy) and others Ukrainian patriots took part in the meeting commemoration of Ukrainian nationalists, whom the Nazis executed by shooting in Babiy Yar. Pavlo Dorozhynskyi, Chairman of UUN Kyiv, chief editor of Samostiyna Ukraina magazine, presided over the meeting.
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"Ukrpartinform" of October 28-29, 2003 30 October 2003
The UNCP held a picket at the State Tax Administration of Ukraine
The Ukrainian National Conservative party (UNCP) held a picketing of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine to draw attention to the events involving Serhii Medvedchuk, head of the STA in Lviv oblast
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"Eastern economist" July 14-20, 2003 Vol.10 #25 (493) 17 July 2003
"The reform discussion has involved 9,376,530 able-bodied Ukrainian citizens. If every meeting took two hours, then 18,753,060 man-hours and more than Hr 50mn were spent in vain on a national basis. Isn't it possible to provide oneself with a well-to-do retirement in a less expensive manner?" Yuriy Hrebenchuk, Director General of the Diamatik Social-Economic Investigation Center, said.
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"Power and politics" newspaper 13 (158), March 28 - April 3, 2003 15 April 2003
Conservatism has always played a significant role in life of Ukrainian people, considers Oleh Soskin, leader of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
Mr. Soskin, what does conservatism mean for You and the Ukrainian National conservative Party?
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