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UNCP 12 March 2012
Yanukovych draws new victims into the black hole

This is an observation (which is getting more confirmed) that Yanukovych draws to a variety of tragedy and turmoil as a "black hole". Another tragic accident occurred in Yenakiyevo on 29 February, 2012 at Yanukovych small motherland, where he spent his criminal youth. 6 people were killed due to the accident in one of the illegal coal pits where artisanal mining of coal was carried out. Through the example of Yenakiyevo we can see a pitiable situation this city was led to and terrible living conditions of its inhabitants. It is a demonstrative example which future is waiting for Ukraine if Yanukovych stays in power a month, two, three, a year or, as he states, runs for second term as president. In this case, the whole Ukraine will be transformed into Yenakievo “coal pits". It will be such a terrible reservation and all of us will become captives of the concentration camp named by Yanukovych.

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UNCP 27 February 2012
Ukrainian People Waiting for Resignation of President Yanukovych

Today all Ukrainians should understand that someone who collaborates with Mr Yanukovych may be an accomplice of his crimes: (political persecution and repression, destruction of small and medium businesses, stealing of people's property, destruction of local government and national sovereignty). The slogan is in time: "If you are together with Yanukovych you are an enemy to the Ukrainian nation!". It should be clearly understood that his further stay in power is a direct threat to the existence of the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian sovereign state. It is therefore necessary to apply to Article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine and to fire President Viktor Yanukovych from his post.

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Research Journal "Investments: experience and practice", November, 2010 22 February 2011
Structuring of the economy and economic development model: the anatomy of correlation

In the article Dr. Oleh Soskin, Professor of National Academy of Management, Director of Institute of Society Transformation, makes an analysis of the structural cross-section of economic development; substantiates the existence of a direct connection between the structuring of the economy and its development; reveals the main macroeconomic imbalances and structural crisis which are native to Ukraine; proves that the achievement of relative macro-economic equilibrium and competitive development may only be done by the structure reforming; defines the basic approaches to its implementation.

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Newspaper Silski visti 23 December 2010
Premonition of peaceful revolution

Director of Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of National academy of management Oleh Soskin is telling us about the world economic crisis, complicated social-economic situation in our country and the way out of crisis. The faster Ukraine wakes up and becomes free from being in bondage to regime Yanukovych-Azarov, that faster we will overcome the crisis. Here is the answer to the question “When will Ukrainians start living as people not as beggars” [Newspaper “Silski visti”,  143, December 9, 2010].

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Research journal Economy of market relations #5, 2010 08 November 2010
The necessity of changing the economic model for competitiveness of Ukraine development

Research articel of Oleh Soskin, Institute of Society Transformation Direcotr, offers a basis analysis of social-economic indicators of development in Ukraine, its dynamics, and compares analogical economical rates of development of Western countries, proving that models of state-monopoly, clan-oligarchic capitalism, which for the time being prevails in Ukraine have depleted its potential. It is pointed out that the maintenance of a competitive development economic model in Ukraine requires replacement by the more effective – model of people’s capitalism. It proposes the ways of transition to this model.

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ForUm 24 September 2010
Oleh Soskin: Next year we will have a lot of apathy, depression and boredom

Director of Institute of Society Transformation Oleh Soskin does not see anything new in the new political season in Ukraine, but predicts some major trands: "whatever happens now is just the beginning of the process -- trial of strength, many famous people leaving the stage, the arrival of new ones, as yet unknown and incomprehensible. While this is just confusion, a worsening economic situation, and demoralization, it will test the weak. What's next? Next will be a lot of apathy, depression and boredom". He spoke about this and other things in an exclusive interview with correspondents from ForUm.

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UNCP 14 September 2010
On the resignation of K. Grishchenko from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

On September 7, 2010 in Kiev, a meeting of the Coordinating Council of Civic League Ukraine-NATO took place. During the session, its members discussed the statement regarding the need and urgency K. Grishchenko resignation from the post too Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The draft statement prepared by members of the League Oleg Soskin, Head of Ukrainian National Conservative Party, Olexiy Kolomiets, an expert on foreign policy and security.

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Journal Economy and State 10 September 2010
Realizing geo-economic models of Ukraine in the Eurasian region

Research article of Oleh Soskin, Institute of Society Transformation Director, Professor of National Academy of Management, discusses the implementation of geo-economic models of Ukraine in the Eurasian space, formed under the influence of endogenous and exogenous factors.

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Economic Annals-XXI 3-4 2010 10 June 2010
Transformation of tax system in the context of formation of modern economic model of Ukraine

In the article Oleh Soskin, Institute of Society Transformation Director, analyzes the current state and the defects of the tax system of Ukraine, shows dialectic of tax changes in the country since 1992, tdefines the principles and directions of the domestic tax system transformation taking into consideration the necessity of modern, competitive economic model of Ukraine introduction.

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Journal Economist 2-2010 01 May 2010
The model of peoples capitalism as the basis of competitive development of Ukrainian economy

In this article Oleh Soskin, Institute of Society Transformation Director, presents the theoretical and methodological substantiation of the essence and specificity of the model of people’s capitalism realization in Ukraine; provedes that exactly this model is the most acceptable for our country in the sense of competitive development of Ukrainian economy providing and the level of citizen welfare increasing; proposes the mechanisms of the model of people’s capitalism implementing in the actual practice of economic transformations in Ukraine.

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