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Institute of Society Transformation 03 October 2017
Oleg Soskin: Merkel must retire
Seven parties are getting into the parliament after federal elections in Germany. This is how the seats are distributed: Christian Democratic Union - 200 Christian Social Union - 46 Social Democratic Party - 153 Alternative for Germany - 94 Free Democratic Party - 80 Left-wing - 69 Green party - 67


07 September 2017
Jesteśmy bogatsi dzięki mądrym inwestycjom. W Krynicy ogłoszono zwycięzców Rankingu Gospodarny Samorząd

Jest wiele czynników, które świadczą o gospodarności samorządów. Najważniejszym z nich są mądre inwestycje, dzięki którym rośnie zasobność gminy, a co za tym idzie, bogatsi stają się jej mieszkańcy. Dobrze zarządzana gmina powinna mieć określoną strategię rozwoju, opracowane programy wparcia dla przedsiębiorców, dzięki którym pojawiają się nowi inwestorzy, co zmniejsza bezrobocie. Wszyscy Laureaci Rankingu Centrum Gospodarczego im. Mikołaja Kopernika spełniają te kryteria i wiele innych, które były brane pod uwagę.

06 September 2017
House for sale in Nivky district

House in Nivky district, Kyiv, 140 square meters. House is for sale on Balakleevskaya street. Well-distanced from noisy roads, convenient approach, paved road, 10 minutes to the city centre. Well-developed infrastructure, "Silpo" supermarkets in walking distance, 900 meters to "Nivky" subway station, restaurants, pharmacies, kindergartens and schools. Beautiful lake and park area with oak woods in 5 minutes walking distance.

05 September 2017
The 27th Economic Forum in Krynica begins

Today (5th September) the 27th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój has begun. The largest conference of this type in Central and Eastern Europe will be inaugurated by a plenary session attended by the Presidents of Poland, Georgia and Macedonia.

Institute of Society Transformation 28 July 2017
There are 219 deputies in the coalition! Groisman is not a valid prime minister!

On the official website of the Supreme Council of Ukraine it is stated that the coalition is formed with 138 MPs from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc "Solidarity" and 81 MPs from the People's Front. In total - 219 deputies. It means that the oficial coalition lacks 7 deputies to be constitutional. 

Institute of Society Transformation 27 July 2017
Oleh Soskin: There is no coalition, Groisman's government is anti-constitutional

According to the official data of theVerkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the number of the MP who form ruling coalition is 219 deputies (instead of the minimum of 226 deputies as stated in the Constitution).Grojsman's government is unconstitutional. His orders are illegal and can not be executed. 

26 July 2017
Oleh Soskin: People of Trump are getting to Poroshenko

The people of Trump have already started to look for the dossier and information about Poroshenko giving compromising data on the Trump family.During the election campaign in the United States, tons of compromising data was found about Trump.

Institute of Society Transformation 25 July 2017
Oleh Soskin: Poroshenko will soon resign after the Tweet of Donald Trump

After Trumps statement about Ukraine sabotaging his election campaign, Poroshenko will soon resign from his post of Presindent of Ukraine. Poroshenko actually acted very dishonorably, people who act like that are called scoundrels.Trump's Tweet should be the subject of proceedings. Poroshenko and Groisman must resign. 

Institute of Society Transformation 25 July 2017
Oleh Soskin: The Supreme Council should immediately find out whether Poroshenko was involved in the publication of compromising material about Trump

The US President wrote on his Twitter on July 25: Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign - "quietly working to boost Clinton." So where is the investigation A.G. After this accusation,the Supreme Council of Ukraine,  should immediately interrupt the parliamentary holidays, organize  an extraordinary meeting, create a special parliamentary commission to investigate whether Poroshenko's people are involved in the publication Compromising data about his Trumps wife Melania.

Institute of Society Transformation 24 July 2017
Oleh Soskin: Conflict between Poroshenko and Groisman can result in impeachment and new presidential elections

Lately, more and more information has appeared about the contradictions and conflicts in the relationship between Poroshenko and Groisman. In particular, the media reported about their conflict over the distribution of the so-called confiscated money of Yanukovych, which Groisman allegedly carried out without consulting with Poroshenko, because of the vote in the Supreme Council of the issue of VAT refund by issuing domestic government bonds (in the media write That Poroshenko's partner Kononenko even threatened Groisman that he would regret something). People also talk about the irritation on the part of Poroshenko on Groisman's decision to create a Council of Prime Ministers, as well as intentions, together with Yatseniuk and some oligarchs, to change the Constitution of Ukraine with a significant reduction in the powers of the president.

Institute of Society Transformation 23 July 2017
Oleh Soskin: New conflict between Israel and Palestine could lead to bloodshed in Ukraine

A new stage in the escalation of the conflict between the Jewish civilization and the Muslim civilization , which began around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and was initiated by the activities of the radical Chassidic Chabad sect, can result in very dramatic consequences. If you try to predict and build some options, it is clear that the striking force of Muslim civilization is youth. And the main thrust of the attacks of Muslim civilization will be the citizens of Israel throughout the world.

Institute of Society Transformation 21 July 2017
The escalation between Israel and Palestine began as a result of the actions of Chabad?

In recent days, a new escalation of clashes between Israel and the Palestinian state has begun. It's clear that these contradictions will grow, especially since they exist both at the national level and at the cultural and mental level, as well as spiritual, financial and economic levels. This is logical, because Palestine belongs to the Arab Muslim systemic civilization, and Israel - to the Khazar-Jewish civilization of the Ashkenazi, the Hasidim. 

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