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Institute of Society Transformation 15 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: We live in the period of chaos, crisis and the clash of civilisations

Private property lies in the core of every society. If private property is destroyed, society becomes sick and uncompetitive.We are living in a period when the fifth and the sixth technological modes must be established. The fifth socio-economic mode is computer systems, Internet, communication channels. The sixth socio-economic mode is nanotechnologies.Vertical hierarchy is already broken. A system of chaos comes instead of the Vertical hierarchy system. 

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Institute of Society Transformation 10 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: Trump began to lure Ukrainian oligarchs into his political and economic "games"

Very interesting "games" with the Ukrainian clans and so-called oligarchs were started by the US President Trump. We can see that Trump and his closest associates do not express whether they support Ukraine or not. Seems like he is playing with Ukraine. 

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Institute of Society Transformation 07 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: 80% of Ukrainians curse Poroshenko every day

Poroshenko is sure that he can manipulate public forces. There were no such claims against Poroshenko in the history of independent Ukraine. This claim is very clearly prescribed, and the memorandum should be made public. Otherwise, this is a violation of the Constitution.Just like the government, Poroshenko already has very low public support, around 5%.

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Institute of Society Transformation 07 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: Savchenko is a form without content. Change of image is an agony

Everything that happens to MP Nadezhda Savchenko is a work of the image-makers. There are no doubts that Savchenko has lots of image-makers and other people who work in her team. I think that the change of her image is connected with the decision to try a feminine image.

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Institute of Society Transformation 05 March 2017
Oleg Soskin: Everyone around Poroshenko dies. First financially, then physically

Poroshenko started attacking Akhmetov. The same situation was with Onishchenko and Martynenko. Poroshenko and Martynenko were very close in the past. But today Martynenko is destroyed by Poroshenko. Onishchenko also pretended to be a close friend of our President. 

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Institute of Society Transformation 02 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: Trump has organised the US lobbying offices to foolish Ukrainian politicians

Trump, as well as his son in law and Steve Bannon, his key advisor, are very farsighted. Trump will not say a word without honorarium. Bannon also says that they need to use every country and every person to bring the contribution to the United States.As we know, lobbying offices play a very important role in the USA. 

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Institute of Society Transformation 01 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: Ukrainian politicians bring huge sums in the US to get Trump‘s propitiousness

Ukrainian politicians bring huge sums of money to the USA to get Trump's propitiousness or to make a picture with him somewhere near the WC. As we can see, Tymoshenko is succeeding in it and Poroshenko is a looser. Probably, Trump does not want to have any sort of communication with our President.

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Institute of Society Transformation 21 February 2017
Western loans are used to strengthen the gangs in Ukraine

Western countries spend billions of dollars to carry out reforms in Ukraine. In reality, this money is spent on strengthening the bandits, led by Poroshenko. Penal and repressive intitutions are organized in Ukraine, such as the National Agency for prevention of corruption, NABU, SAP and others.

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Institute of Society Transformation 19 February 2017
Putin is nervous and gets ready for something. Perhaps he plans to use aviation in Ukraine.

Poland has a bad geopolitical history: whenever Ukraine becomes a part of Russian Empire, Poland was divided. Therefore, Poles can predict what will happen to their country if the situation in Ukraine will get worse.

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Institute of Society Transformation 18 February 2017
If Poroshenko will remain on the post of the President of Ukraine, our country will collapse.

Poroshenko will not be able to resist Putin in case of further escalation, because he did not do that since May 2014. He has been acting like a collaborator, traitor, liar. He did not keep any promise that he gave before the elections in May 2014:

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