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Institute of Society Transformation 14 June 2017
Poroshenko is ready to do everything to stay in power

There is information that Poroshenko is flying to Washington to meet with Trump. It will be a commercial visit, similar to the one, when Klimkin flew in the USA just to stand near Trump. The question is how much has been paid for such a meeting with the USA president

Institute of Society Transformation 08 June 2017
On the Abuse of Monetary Policy

Joachim Starbatty (Professor Emeritus, University of Tübingen, Member of the European Parliament) stated that monetary policy of the central banks lead to overinvestment in the world. He pointed to the existence of circle of creating and re-creating bubbles in the markets. The main problem with today big business, Professor Starbatty argued, is existence of numerous “zombie-banks” and “zombie-companies” being continuously bailing out and rescued by the state institutions. 

Institute of Society Transformation 06 June 2017
Oleh Soskin: Poroshenko is trying to transform Ukraine into a country of deaf-mute monkeys

Mass arrests of tax officials mean that the ruling regime is trying to break the Azarov system, which served those who were in power 4 years ago. It is obvious that another ruling family is trying control the tax system. The social networks were also banned in order to take control of information flows in Ukraine.Some people want the whole society to be deaf and dumb. And I believe that it is not correct that the European country can be populated by deaf-mute monkeys.

Institute of Society Transformation 01 June 2017
Oleh Soskin: Anyone who supports Poroshenko is the enemy of Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is approaching its logical conclusion.If we take the vertical projection on the events of the UPR period, then Kravchuk is an analog of Grushevsky, Kuchma is a symbiosis of Vynnychenko and Skoropadsky.Yushchenko is a real Vynnychenko with Petlyura's, Yanukovich is Skoropadsky who betrayed Ukraine and made an alliance with Russia.And Poroshenko is a symbiosis of Vinnichenko, Grushevsky with Skoropadsky and Petlyura's adventurism.Now our country is in an open war with Russia.

Institute of Society Transformation 26 May 2017
On Monetary and Economic Interventions

Peter A. Fischer (University of Berne, Switzerland, and University of Kiel, Germany) pointed out that interventionism of the governments in the years 2007-2015 grew much in the world. He exemplified Switzerland to stipulate his view, where 1/5 of all the property is already owned by the state, 1/3 of all the employees work in the public sector, and 50% of all the market prices are in one way or another are regulated by the government.

Institute of Society Transformation 24 May 2017
National Capitalism: an economic model for Ukraine is a well-known monograph of Oleh Soskin, the economist, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations of the National Academy of Management, Director of the Institute of Society Trans

If you want to know how to live and what to do next, do not waste time and purchase the book! 

Institute of Society Transformation 23 May 2017
Economics and Politics of Interventionism

H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein (President of ECAEF - European Centre of Austrian Economics Foundation, Chairman of Geopolitical Intelligence Services): Economics and politics of interventionism have become especially acute after the 2008 economic crisis and prove inability of national governments to solve fallouts of the crisis even applying drastic measures to entrepreneurship in all its modern forms.

Institute of Society Transformation 22 May 2017
Most Ukrainians hate Poroshenko

There is a video on the Internet in which the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is leaving the place of the historical and memorial reserve in Bykovyna without giving a conference or at least answering the questions of the citizens. Most people were shouting "shame to a President!". It is not the first time when the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has problems in communication with the citizens of Ukraine.

Institute of Society Transformation 17 May 2017
Ukraine's currency, the hryvnia, may fall to a new low of 35 to the US dollar soon

Stabilization of hryvnia exchange rate is a temporary phenomenon, because the import grow fast, and the foreign trade balance has negative tendencies. Our currency may fall to a new low of 35 to the US dollar in a few months. The hryvnia remains stable, because Ukraine has implemented new borrowings. As we know, Ukraine received 1 billion US dollars from the IMF and 600 million - from the European Union. Ukraine will also received up to $ 500 million from the United States of America till September.This money will stabilize the situation on the foreign exchange market.

Institute of Society Transformation 17 May 2017
There will not be the second Maidan because of the Vkontakte ban, but the hatred to Poroshenko will grow

The citizens of Ukraine threatened President Petro Poroshenko with a new Maidan because of the blocking of the social network "VKontakte". The order was signed by Poroshenko on May 16. There will not be the second Maidan because of the Vkontakte ban, but the hatered to Poroshenko will grow. 

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