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Institute of Society Transformation 28 October 2016
Soskin: Small business creates uncontrolled freedom and wealth, which is unacceptable for kleptomania

Small and medium entrepreneurs create uncontrollable areas of freedom. Zones of wealth and freedom are the most dangerous for kleptomania and oligarchy. It is a good example for the others. 

Institute of Society Transformation 17 October 2016
Gontareva is a collaborator who acts in the interests of Putin's regime

Finally, the ice was broken. Seems like Gontareva has her last days or maximum last weeks at the post of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine. Of course, she has accelerated her resignation by contacting the prosecutor's office and anti-corruption bureau with absolutely stupid claims to Taruta in the best communist KGB traditions. There is an impression that she was recruited by the KGB in the Soviet times, and then recruited by the Russian special services are the USSR breakdown. Naturally, nobody will support Gontareva in the power structures, because noone wants to deal with a person, who has last days in the office. 

Institute of Society Transformation 17 October 2016
Great Britain will have troubles for inviting the General of KGB Gundiaev

The General of KGB Gundiaev behaves himself not as an old monk, but as a man of the world, who even receives pedigree dogs as a present. By the way, those dogs are not allowed to stay neither in the church nor in the monastery. A monk should stay in his cell, but not to travel abroad and receive presents. 

Institute of Society Transformation 14 October 2016
Has Putin started preparing his army to the war against Saudi Arabia?

Russia is likely to begin the training of the officers and sergeants for the Huthis army, which will cross the border and destabilize the Saudis and their allies. The army is also supposed to occupy the cities in Saudi Arabia. For this reason Russia needs to prepare at least 10 thousand officers and sergeants, which will be transferred to Saudi Arabia from the occupied parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Institute of Society Transformation 14 October 2016
Rich cities of Saudi Arabia can be plundered by kiwi and motorola groups

Ukrainian secret service has informed that 600 Russian hitmen were transferred from the occupied parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in Syria. It can be assumed that this group will be held in Syria for training and military education, but in fact the real purpose of their transfer is Yemen.

Institute of Society Transformation 12 October 2016
Soskin Oleh: Lviv can collapse with Sadovy

Professor Soskin is fascinated by Lviv and considers it a real Pearl not only in Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe. However his assessment of the current socio-political situation and the future of the city and country is not so pleasant. 

Institute of Society Transformation 12 October 2016
Verkhovna rada does not have a majority, which means that Groisman is a usurper
There is no coalition majority in the Verkhovna rada (the Supreme Council of Ukraine). Therefore, we have a Government of usurpers with unconstitutional President, who seized power in Ukraine. All communities and parties should be guided by Article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine. 
Institute of Society Transformation 10 October 2016
Soskin Oleh: Putin could withdraw his troops and hitmen from the Eastern Ukraine in order to start a war in Saudi Arabia

Putin has made a very important decision on transforming the geopolitical situation in the world. He and his group will do everything possible to change the world's geopolitical strategic forces at the level of inter-civilizational development. As a part of the formation of the Eurasian civilizational model with Moscovia at the centre, he will work on changing the strategic balance and underminining the power of the United States as the center of the Euro-Atlantic civilization. Thus, Putin has always been attacking Syria and will continue doing it in the future with the aim to organize an arc Syria-Iran-Moscow, and, apparently, Turkey in some modified state. Turkey will soon exit NATO.

Institute of Society Transformation 07 October 2016
We should start decentralization from Kyiv, otherwise this city will die.

On the International Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój Volodymyr Groisman was telling about the success of the reform of self-government in Ukraine. But first of all, we have to implement this reform in Kyiv. The post of the head of executive power - the mayor and the head of the regulatory authority – must be separated. Kiev City State Administration has to be eliminated. Kyiv should be divided into regions or districts and provide them with giving them self-governments.

Institute of Society Transformation 07 October 2016
There is possibility, that Putin will occupy Baltic countries till the end of winter

Based on the developments that are realized in Russian Federation nowadays, we can claim that that the establishing of a geopolitical and geo-economic domination over the Baltic states is most beneficial plan for the Russian Federation. These countries are crucial for the survival of Russian Federation in its current format. Why?

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