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Institute of Society Transformation 03 January 2017
Oleh Soskin: Putin and Trump are two inadequate politicians. Both are able to start a nuclear war.

Regarding the consequences of the Presidential elections in USA, I can assume that Trump is a rogue and a swindler. In fact, Trump has lost the elections. If we talk about the objective of democracy, Clinton «outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), according to revised and certified final election results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia». This is a great defeat. But thanks to the existing problems of the electoral system in the United States, Trump managed to become the President of the USA. 

Institute of Society Transformation 03 January 2017
Medal that was awarded to McCain and Graham by Poroshenko is a harakiri for them. Now they are in a chocolate shit.

The behavior of two American senators McCain and Graham is undignified. They both had a visit with President Poroshenko, who is a necrophile and a gravedigger of Ukraine. Supporting him and accepting merits and medals from Poroshenko is a very bad politics. 

Institute of Society Transformation 22 December 2016
Soskin Oleh: Tymoshenko should tell everything that she knows about Groisman

On December 21 Groisman stated that he has always considered the MPs from Batkivshchyna party (Motherland) as professional mediocrities. Tymoshenko as a leader of the party can remind Groisman of the times, when she was a Prime-minister and he was a mayor of Vinnitsa city. Tymoshenko knows many interesting details about this man.

Institute of Society Transformation 15 December 2016
Poroshenko and his group must answer for the Svetlodarsk arc disaster

.UA has published an article, whose authors argue that the battle in the Svetlodarsk arc has begun after unsuccessful attempt of Ukrainian troops to attack. They also claim that there were not 6, but more than 10 killed people. If this is true, it is necessary to name those guilty persons, who gave an order to start this unsuccessful military operation and sent the Ukrainian military people to die. 

Institute of Society Transformation 14 December 2016
Ukraine is transformed into African reservation headed by Poroshenko

It is obvious that Soros aims to destabilize the situation in Ukraine due to the instructions of Rothschilds. He wants to transform Ukraine into an African tribalism reserve headed by the leader Poroshenko and his wife. Soros stills plans to organize the genocide in Ukraine 

Institute of Society Transformation 13 December 2016
Oleh Soskin: Erdogan will finish badly soon. Turkey will collapse

A bloody terrorist attack in Turkey has already taken the lives of 38 people. Seems like Erdogan wants more power and therefore Turkey will collapse sooner or later. Do you know the Third Newton Law? If a force generates a motion, a double force will generate double the motion. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Anyone who is wants to be in power has to learn this lesson.

Institute of Society Transformation 13 December 2016
Oleh Soskin: Interpol struck Poroshenko. Onishchenko can give press conference

Interpol refused to submit Onishchenko to the international wanted list. This means that all efforts of Poroshenko to prevent the publication of Onishchenko materials will fail. It is obvious that Onishchenko can now easily hold a press conference. Interpol has avowed that the information, which he owns, is worth of attention. 

Institute of Society Transformation 13 December 2016
Oleh Soskin: It is necessary to allow the Ukrainian military to shoot on anticipation

On December 11 Russian hitmen killed three Ukrainian military men during the mortar attack. It is clear that the government should cancel a temporary ceasefire and not just shoot back, but also to open fire on the pre-emption. How can the Ukrainian ruling power disvalue the life of the Ukrainian military? It is impossible to be silent. We have to forestall any attempts of Russian militants to kill Ukrainian soldiers. And if Poroshenko is not capable of that, he should immediately resign as President and Supreme Commander.

Institute of Society Transformation 12 December 2016
National Capitalism: an economic model for Ukraine

«National Capitalism: an economic model for Ukraine» is a well-known monograph of Oleh Soskin, the economist, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations of the National Academy of Management, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation. If you want to know how to live and what to do next, do not waste time and purchase the book!

The main economic actors in modern Ukraine are large enterprises, integrated into vertically integrated holdings.
Institute of Society Transformation 10 December 2016
Oleh Soskin: Nalyvaychenko wants to become a governor of the state of Ukraine?

The former head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko presented his anti-corruption plan in Washington. This plan provides the formation of the FBI branches in Ukraine and the invitation of the US prosecutors and judges, under the guise of the fight against corruption. It seems that Nalyvaychenko wants to give Ukraine in US hands. 

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