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Institute of Society Transformation 24 April 2017
Oleh Soskin: The European Union, headed by a fat socialist bureaucracy, ceases to exist
The European Union enters an open phase of the crisis of its existence.The processes of its disintegration are intensifying.The EU project in the form, in which it exists nowadays, will not exist in the future. As it was informed lately, The European Union will be destroyed by the fat parasitic bureaucracy. It does not express the interests of the member countries of the European Union but has its personal, depraved aspirations.
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Institute of Society Transformation 11 April 2017
Oleh Soskin: We should destroy the clan-oligarchic groups immediately

Nowadays the national debt of Ukraine is about 72 billion US dollars.Those are internal and external debts, debts to the IMF, EBRD, EIB.We also owe EU, USA, Japan and many others institutions. Drastically hard times will soon come to Ukraine. We will have to return 1 billion US dollars to the IMF. Ukraine simply does not have such money.


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Institute of Society Transformation 10 April 2017
Social and civil wars will start in Ukraine as a concequence of Memorandum with the IMF

Memorandum with the IMF is a program, which consists of 34 pages, and is focused on the destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is aimed on the destruction of small businesses, elimination of the simplified tax system, raising the retirement age, the sale of agricultural land, empowerment of NABU, formation of anti-corruption courts. 

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Institute of Society Transformation 10 April 2017
A real political terror has started in Ukraine

Roman Bezsmertny was penalised for 5000 hrn, because he made mistakes in the financial report of Agrarian party. Criminal proceedings were initiated against Political party Batkivshchyna. Half a million hryvnia was confiscated in the UKROP.  A real political terror has started in Ukraine.Why are political parties silent? Ukrainian Parliament should immediately repeal the law on the prevention of corruption. 

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Institute of Society Transformation 03 April 2017
Oleh Soskin: Soros Foundation in Ukraine should be closed

Soros Foundation "Vidrodzhennya" has recently published a statement, in which it condemned any changes in the law on combating corruption. Moreover, it threatens Poroshenko that international donors will stop supporting anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. We can see that representatives of Soros in Ukraine are trying to influence the internal policy of Ukraine. We also know that Soros belongs to the Bilderberg club, the world government.

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Institute of Society Transformation 27 March 2017
NATIONAL CAPITALISM: The Economic Model for Ukraine. Monograph by Oleh Soskin

«National Capitalism: an economic model for Ukraine» is a well-known monograph of Oleh Soskin, the economist, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations of the National Academy of Management, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation. You can read the introduction and the first section translated into English here:

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Institute of Society Transformation 23 March 2017
In order to solve the problem with North Korea, Trump will need the support of China and Russia

Negotiations with the representative of China will be organized in Florida soon. That is why Tillerson will not attend the summit of foreign ministers of NATO countries (5-6 April 2017). Trump and the new US leadership are changing their attitude towards NATO, especially after the failure of negotiations between Trump and Merkel. Moreover, the relations between the USA and Germany will be strained. Trump has stated to Germany very strict requirements regarding the financing of NATO.

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Institute of Society Transformation 23 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: The situation with hryvnia has a negative dynamic. Prices will rise soon

The rate of the hryvnia is gradually decreasing. Any instability of money leads to the fact that people can not live in peace. The situation is very dangerous nowadays. We can already see negative trends in Ukrainian economics. The prices are growing all the time.People who rule this country must understand that we are buying all energy sources abroad. 

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OSP-UA.INFO 22 March 2017
USA do not need Porohenko anymore. Ukraine will become a small coin in the relations between USA and Russia

Poroshenko should immediately resign because he is a person, who illegally occupies the office of President of Ukraine. USA do not need Poroshenko anymore. Trump and his team are trying to establish relations with the Russian Federation instead. Ukraine will become a small coin [OSP-UA.INFO, 22.03.2017].

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Institute of Society Transformation 21 March 2017
Oleh Soskin: There are people in transitional societies who want to control everything. But this is impossible

Every society, especially transient, mutant or transitional ones, has a group of people who believe in atavism. Such people want to own the lives of others. Once they seizure power, they begin to adjust legal system under their model in order to control the lives of others. 

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